External Reviews

Some of my film and TV writing has appeared on different websites; I have linked to them here.


  • Fanny Lye and the allegorical appeal of the Puritans” (link)
  • “Not only a fashion star: Australia’s Madeline Stuart is Maddie the Model” (link)


  • Animal World (2018, China, d. Han Yan. review)
  • B|B (2020, Japan, d. Kosuke Nakahama. review)
  • Better Days (2019, China, d. Derek Tsang. review)
  • Blue Hour (2019, Japan, d. Yuko Hakota. review)
  • Ciao Ciao (2017, China, d. Song Chuan. review)
  • The Dark Maidens (2017, Japan, d. Saiji Yakumo. review)
  • Days (2020, Taiwan, d. Tsai Ming-liang. review)
  • Didi’s Dream (2017, China/Taiwan, d. Kevin Tsai. review)
  • Dust and Ashes (2020, South Korea, d. Park Hee-kwon. review)
  • Dying to Survive (2018, China, d. Wen Muye. review)
  • Fake (2016, Japan, d. Tatsuya Mori. review)
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019, USA, d. Michael Dougherty. review)
  • Jinpa (2018, China, d. Pema Tseden. review)
  • Last Sunrise (2019, China, d. Wen Ren. review)
  • Leaving Virginia (2020, Taiwan, d. Lin Li-shu. review)
  • Little Forest (2018, South Korea, d. Yim Soon-rye. review)
  • Love and Other Cults (2018, Japan, d. Eiji Uchida. review)
  • My Identity (2019, Japan, d. Sae Suzuki. review)
  • Ne Zha (2019, China, d. Yang Yu. review)
  • Nobody (2020, Taiwan, d. Lin Chun-hua. review)
  • One Night Only (2016, China, d. Matt Wu. review)
  • Please Remember Me (2015, China, d. Zhao Qing. review)
  • Samurai Shifters (2019, Japan, d. Isshin Inudo. review)
  • Shadows (2020, Hong Kong, d. Glenn Chan. review)
  • She Remembers, He Forgets (2015, Hong Kong, d. Adam Wong. review)
  • Someone in the Clouds (2019, Taiwan, d. Mitch Lin and Gary Tseng. review)
  • The Son of Mountain (2018, China, d. He Zheng. review)
  • Stammering Ballad (2018, China, d. Zhang Nan. review)
  • Still Life of Memories (2018, Japan, d. Hitoshi Yazaki. review)
  • Suburban Birds (2018, China, d. Qui Sheng. review)
  • Tezuka’s Barbara (2020, Japan, d. Macoto Tezka. review)
  • Tora-San, Wish You Were Here (2019, Japan, d. Yoji Yamada. review)
  • Trace of Breath (2017, Japan, d. Haruka Komori. review)
  • Unlovable (2018, USA, d. Suzi Yoonessi. review)